Butter Factory Vat

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The wooden vat was used in the original Miles Butter Factory from 1911 – 1938 until it was replaced by a metal vat. The vat is 3100 mm long, 1200 mm deep and 1300 mm wide, made of wooden planks, lined with copper and supported by three metal cradles. Three vats held the tested cream according to its grading – Choice, 1st grade and 2nd grade. In the early days the vats had coils filled with brine running the full length of the vat to keep the cream cool before being churned to make butter.

The vat originally had a lidded cover but this is now missing. It is located within the village under an iron roof.

Before 1950 the vat was moved to Lawn Hills, a property north of Miles and was used to hold water.



Item Date
Wooden milk vat. Researched by Merlene Coates-Freeman
3.1 mt long, 1.2 mt deep, 1.3 mt wide
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