What War Meant To Miles

What War Meant to Miles: Heroes, Hardships and Heartfelt Stories is a new ANZAC100 and QGC funded exhibition project which has involved impressive Miles Historical Village Museum volunteer effort over an 18 month period between 2016 and April 2018.

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Ghosts of Gallipoli: Part2: On the Western Front
Ghosts of Gallipoli: Part2: On the Western Front
Three men from Miles who fought at Gallipoli but then lost their lives on the western front.
Ghosts of Gallipoli: Part2: On the Western Front


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What War Meant to Miles

This is an online selection from the comprehensive re-display of the Village’s War Museum Collection which includes graphic panels, informative texts, mini-stories and labels which organise the extensive and significant collections and enable visitor access by presenting a grand narrative of ‘War Journey’. We follow the personal and local stories of Miles and District people across various conflicts using themes to present and then draw out local detail about each stage of the journey. Audio and Video make this a multi-media experience.

This graphic panel greets visitors as they move from the entry point past content about Miles before the First World War, the national call to arms, enlistment and training and as they move through the space. It shows a large group of men in the desert and is organised under the theme ‘waiting to engage’.

Exhibition themes

  • Journey to War
  • Spirit of the Times: Euphoria and Enlistment
  • Waiting to Engage
  • Thoughts of Home
  • On the Battlefield
  • In the Trenches
  • Living in the Field
  • On the Homefront
  • Fighting on Difficult Terrain
  • Unlikely Soldiers: Animals in War
  • Unsung Heroes: ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’
  • The Long Journey Home
  • Dressed for War
  • Memories of War

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